March 29, 2017

Press (1985 & 2017)

This is a video documentary of the dedication ceremony celebrating the completion of the 1985 murals (Two others were painted in 1986.)



This video is an earlier one and looks at many murals on the Lower East Side. However, it has an interview with Eva Cockcroft, who spearheaded La Lucha.


Articles From 1985:


Eva Cockcroft, “The La Lucha Murals,” Community Murals Magazine, Winter, 1985, p. 14
Jimmy Breslin, “Walls of Sorrow on the Lower East Side,” NY Daily News, November 29, 1985, p. C6
Lucy R Lippard, “Hot Art in the Summertime,” In These Times, October 2-8, 1985, p. 21

Articles From 2017:

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